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Underground Conduit Install Details

Thank you for choosing Mountain Broadband as your high speed internet service provider. At Mountain Broadband we strive to deliver the stable and superior internet service that you expect, directly to your home. We want you to have the fastest and most reliable connection that you can. In order to provide this service in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, it may take some extra work on the homeowner’s behalf. To help protect the cable when overhead runs are not an option, we ask you to provide and install conduit from the closest power pole that feeds your house to the house itself. The fiber has no power transmitting through it, meaning it will not need to be buried very deep. Following this guide, you will have a superior internet connection directly to your home in no time.

Our current network follows the existing United Power grid and we will use this path to reach your house. We must install a drop cable from the closest power pole (usually the same pole your power comes in on) to your house, using the conduit you installed. We require that conduit to start 3 -4 feet above the ground along the pole and end the same along the house.

  • You can use a fish tape to run the Pull Line through the conduit run once completed, or you may want to slide the Pull Line through each 10′ PVC stick as you assemble it.
  • Using the Clamps, secure the first conduit to the pole running down to a 90 degree Sweep at the base of the pole.
  • Use the ¾” PVC Conduit with bell ends to run over to the closest accessible part of the house.
  • Once reaching the house, use another 90 degree Sweep to run up the house another 3 -4 feet.
  • Use more Clamps to secure the conduit to the house. Ensure both ends are secure and accessible for our install technicians.
  • Bury the conduit but be sure to leave access ports every 200′ if numerous bends are present.

You can always plan your route with more detail and purchase the needed 45 degree and 90 degree Sweeps to ensure a precise installation fitting your specific terrain. With the conduit secured to the house, we can then run the bare cable along the house to its permanent destination. Once the conduit is in place, secured, and has a pull line through it, you are ready for a crew to get you installed.

Mountain Broadband Underground Installation Graphic

Underground Conduit Requirements

Prices may vary

Schedule 40

Schedule 40 PVC Conduit

¾”x 10′ Sticks
~$2.80 Each
Enough to reach house from power pole

Schedule 40 Sweep

Schedule 40 PVC Conduit

¾”x 10′ Sticks
~$2.80 Each
Enough to reach house from power pole

Schedule C Clamp

¾” Schedule 40 PVC Clamp

$1.31 Pack of 5
1 Required

Pull Line

Pull Line

$12.97 for 500′
Enough for entire conduit run

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