Our History

The genesis of what was to become Mountain Broadband began around 2010 when two men who lived in Coal Creek Canyon put their heads together to tackle the problem of slow to non-existent internet service in much of the canyon area.  At that time a lucky few homes could get around 1mbps from a cable service.  There was also a wireless co-op which had been formed by volunteer residents beaming router signals between houses.  A wireless company also offered service, but the uneven terrain, deep canyons, and thick forest canopy left large areas of our neighborhoods with no option except dial-up which had already become seriously unable to meet mainstream needs.  The phone company eventually offered DSL service, but that was slow, and not everyone could get it.

Our first thoughts centered around upgrading the cable service to higher speeds and reliability.   It soon became clear the aging cable system would rapidly become inadequate and still leave large areas without service.  We began planning a network of wireless “towers” around the area that would cover most canyon homes with a new rapidly emerging high-speed wireless technology.   While this first vision didn’t cover “every” house it was a giant step forward.  Soon we were beaming a wireless bandwidth from “the city” up to the highest mountain in the area (Starr Peak) and relaying it down to homes as well as a network of smaller towers in our three-county area.   The community response was very encouraging.  We soon discovered our first “plan” was destined to become outrun by demand.  It was only a matter of a few months before we had to increase our bandwidth to the mountain to five-times what was originally envisioned.  Then several months later we had to again double it to ten times our original plan.  Obviously the thirst for bandwidth was rapidly outpacing our expectations.  We responded by applying the full force of our resources and personnel to adding capacity and carving out new antenna sites to serve more people.  We were keenly aware that other internet providers had been seduced by over-subscribing their network and failing to keep the main feeds up to the task of supplying both an ever-growing number of customers AND the thirstier devices in our homes.  Mountain Broadband never lost sight of this responsibility.   We have maintained this ethic by constantly upgrading equipment as we eventually began serving mountain communities ranging from far north of Nederland down as far south as Sedalia and Castle Rock.

While concentrating on our wireless mission during our early years (2012 to 2017), never would we have imagined it would be possible to bring symmetrical 100mbps fiber service to our charming little canyon where it all started, but here we are.   We are very proud of the support from the community which enabled us to do this without ever increasing our wireless service rates and never taking a dime of government subsidies or handouts.  We owe it all to you.

Mountain Broadband Tower Install

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